Staff list

Teaching staff

Head Master

  • Mr AD Halls MA

Principal Deputy

  • Miss M Hunnaball BSc MA

Deputy Head (Pastoral)

  • Mr R Milne BA

Deputy Head (Academic)

  • Mr WP Brierly BSc

Senior Master (Learning Resources)

  • Mr BJ Driver MA NPQH ARCO

Assistant Heads

  • Mr MD Allen MA (Teaching & Learning)
  • Mr JA Galloway BA (Head of Middle School)
  • Dr SA Hendry (Head of Sixth Form)
  • Mr RJ Mitchell MA (Public Occasions)
  • Mr MP Stables MA (Director of Studies)


  • Rev Dr JW Crossley

Assistant Chaplain

  • Mr GD Kennedy BEng


  • Dr RC Clark (Head of Science)
  • Mr NE Edwards MSc (Head of Examinations)
  • Mr JE Grabowski BSc
  • Dr SA Hendry
  • Mr PM Lavender BSc
  • Mrs A Abbott BA
  • Dr A Stewart


  • Dr AM Hayes
  • Dr IIF Boogaerts
  • Mr IM Davies MA
  • Mr M Gibson BSc
  • Dr PM Lloyd (Deputy Head of IB)
  • Miss HL McKissack BSc MA (Senior Teacher)
  • Mr RJ Mitchell MA
  • Dr RAL Winchester


  • Mr TS Banyard BA
  • Mr GED Bennett MA
  • Mr G Cawley BSc
  • Miss M Hunnaball BSc MA
  • Mr RWM Hughes MSc
  • Miss NJ Kersley BSc (Assistant Head of PSHE)
  • Mr DJ Lavender MA ALCM
  • Mr D Miller BSc
  • Ms MAG Spottiswoode BSc


  • Mr BM Baulf MA
  • Mr GE Bennett BA
  • Mr JR Carroll MA (Head of Maclear House)
  • Miss VR Casemore BA
  • Miss JES Lewis BA (maternity cover)
  • Miss CL Tedd MA (Head of Sixth Form Girls) 
  • Mr SLC Young BA

Economics & Social Sciences

  • Mr AG Hepworth BSc
  • Miss MV Anthony BSc (maternity cover)
  • Mr WP Brierly BSc
  • Miss A Croft BA
  • Mrs SM Danaher BBS
  • Mrs S Williams BCom (maternity leave)


  • Dr JPD Cannon
  • Miss P Alisse MSt
  • Mr MD Allen MA
  • Mrs KL Bird MA MPhil
  • Mr BL Bransfield MA
  • Miss EC Collin BA
  • Miss CF Crothers BA
  • Miss AV Eilert MA
  • Mrs LJ Hobbs MA (maternity leave)
  • Mr R Milne BA MSc


  • Mr AP Cross MA (Director of Drama)
  • Mr JLB Trapmore MA (Head of Curricular Drama)
  • Mr DR Antrobus BA (Theatre Director in Residence)


  • Dr E Laurie (Head of Glenesk House)
  • Mr MC Christou BA
  • Mr JA Galloway BA
  • Miss CJ Goodwin BA
  • Miss JM Lawton Bsc
  • Mr JM Stanley BSc


  • Mr AW Thomas MA
  • Miss RM Davis BA
  • Miss LE Kay BA
  • Mr JG Lawrence MA MLitt (Director of Co-Curricular Education)
  • Mr JG Ryan BA
  • Miss A Simonow (maternity cover)
  • Mr MA Stephenson MA
  • Mrs SE Wiseman MA
  • Mrs JI Woodward MA


  • Mr SJ Nye BSc
  • Mr H Bond BSc
  • Mr SM Borio MPhil
  • Mr BJ Driver MA ARCO
  • Mr AD Gradon BSc
  • Mr JA Harris MEng
  • Mr TP Howland BA (Deputy Head of Examinations)
  • Mr GD Kennedy BEng
  • Mrs EC Nicholl BSc
  • Mrs AJ Panaite BSc (Chaplaincy Associate)
  • Mr MP Stables MA
  • Dr T Squires (Acting Head of Alverstone House)
  • Ms SJ Walker BEng (Head of IB Diploma)
  • Mr IC Wilson MA

Modern Languages

  • Mr S Tint MA FCIL
  • Mr BP Andrews BA (Deputy Head of Middle School)
  • Mrs AJ Ansbro MA (maternity leave)
  • Miss BP Cerda Drago BA
  • Mr H Chapman MA (Director of Partnerships and Outreach)
  • Mr CCD Fowler BA (Head of Kingsley House)
  • Mr SC Kent MA
  • Dr E Keys
  • Miss MME Kidwell MA (maternity cover)
  • Mrs HM Lindsey-Noble BA
  • Mrs D McBride Pol Sci (Int), Florence University
  • Mrs HM Mulcahy BA
  • Miss RC Peel BA (Head of Major House)
  • Mrs JE Purslow MA
  • Ms COH Robinson BA
  • Mr JMA Ross BA (Head of Layton House)
  • Mr JRC Saxton BA
  • Miss J Turquin BA
  • Ms R Cagigas (Spanish Assistant)
  • Miss S Faou (French Assistant)
  • Mr E Gomez Sanchez (Spanish Assistant)
  • Mr W Makolle Mouelle (French Assistant)
  • Mr M Schiebel (German Assistant)


  • Dr GM Bamford
  • Mr SB Costello BSc

Theology & Philosophy

  • Mr JH Renwick BA
  • Mrs RR Catterall MA MPhil
  • Rev Dr JW Crossley
  • Miss JJ MacDonald BSc
  • Mr MJ Owen BA (Chaplaincy Associate)


  • Mr D Goodall MBE

Memorial Library

  • Miss HJ Pugh BA MCLIP
  • Mrs HI Mavin BSc Econ

Joint departments


  • Mr RA Carswell MA
  • Miss E-J Emmott BA
  • Miss LS Gillard MA ATC (Head of Junior School Art & Design)
  • Mrs SJ Martineau Walker BA
  • Mr NA Pollen MA

Design Technology

  • Miss D Langenberg BA
  • Mr JD Broderick BA
  • Miss LEL Spicer BA

ICT & Computing

  • Miss CA Ramgoolam BEd, MA (Senior School ICT Coordinator & Coordinator of Educational Visits, Exchanges & Visits))

Learning Enrichment

  • Mrs E Goodchild BSc DipSpLD
  • Mrs L Charlesworth MA
  • Mrs AC Tingle BA


  • Mr DG Phillips MA FRCO (Director of Music)
  • Mr PA Hatch Mus B (Assistant Director of Music and Head of PSHE)
  • Mr CA Jackson MA (Organist and Teacher of Academic Music)
  • Mr ML Nixon BMus (Head of Keyboard)
  • Mr L Silvera BMus (Head of Strings)
  • Mrs LA Jones BEd (Head of Junior School Music)
  • Mr J Begbie (Gap year student)

Physical Education

  • Mr LBD Kane BSc (Director of Sport and Head of Football)
  • Mr GP Butcher (Sports Coach)
  • Mr JR Chesworth BA (Head of Junior School Games & PE)
  • Mr JG Clark BSc (Deputy Director of Sport)
  • Mr MP Culverhouse BA
  • Mr P Duggan (Director of Rowing)
  • Mrs NL Edwards BA (Head of Girls' Games)
  • Mr JS Gibson BA (Head of Cricket)
  • Mr NC Roberts (Director of Rugby)
  • Mr RM Schilling (Head of Hockey)
  • Mr AC Young (Swimming Instructor)
  • Mr J Jordan Ortiz (Sports assistant)
  • Mr JR Fearnside (Gap year student)
  • Mr DS Ruba (Gap year student)

Support staff

Bursar & Secretary to the Governors

  • Mr DS Armitage MBE MSc (Bursar & Secretary to the Governors)
  • Mrs LB Grainger (PA to Bursar)

Administrative offices

  • Mrs S Carrett (PA to the head master)
  • Mrs P Castle (Senior Management Team PA)
  • Mrs LP Franca (Senior Management Team PA)
  • Ms SJW Dowling BA (Admissions Registrar)
  • Mrs CS Stuart BA (Admissions Office Assistant)
  • Mrs LEJ Jarvis (Admissions Administrative Assistant)
  • Mrs EP Sturge MA (Student Records Secretary)
  • Mrs MJ Cameron (Attendance Secretary)
  • Mrs C Hickey (LE Assistant)
  • Miss BM Howard (Senior School Music Administrator)
  • Mrs JA Mather-Johns (Music Timetable Administrator)
  • Mrs LJ Fallis (Examinations Administrator)
  • Mrs FM Viana (Examinations Administrator) (maternity leave)
  • Mrs DRE Shea (Medical Room Administrator)
  • Mrs MAS Soliman (Medical Room Administrator)
  • Miss AM Fitzgerald (Receptionist)
  • Ms SP Syrett (Receptionist)


  • Mrs JM Macdougall BA ACA (Financial Controller)
  • Mrs A Spencer MSc ACCA (Assistant Accountant & Payroll)
  • Mrs MD Berring (Accounts Assistant)
  • Miss JF Pearce (Purchase Ledger Clerk)

Book room

  • Miss KA McAllister BA (Learning Resources Supervisor)

Collyer Hall Theatre

  • Mr JS Leach BA (Theatre Technical Manager)
  • Mrs JAE Jones (Theatre Administrator)
  • Mr GL Trow (Theatre and Events Technician)

CCF Instructor

  • Mr D Goodall MBE

Department staff

  • Miss JM Buck (Art Technician)
  • Mrs JA Jones (Modern Language Resources Assistant)
  • Miss G Murray (Art Technician)
  • Mr C Li (Design & Technology Technician)
  • Mrs MP Danckwerts (Team Leader - Science Technicians)
  • Miss MG Bennett (Science Technician)
  • Mr WD Bennett (Science Technician)
  • Miss K Blackburn (Science Technician)
  • Ms HA Davidson (Science Technician)
  • Mr M Jacob (Science Technician)

Development office

  • Miss F Ozmus (Development Director)
  • Miss S Allen (Communications Officer)
  • Ms S Doherty (Development Officer)
  • Ms SL Elles (Development Officer (Events)

Enterprises office

  • Mr A Moore BSc (Commercial Director)
  • Mrs PM Ramsay (KCS Business Manager)
  • Miss SJ Leahy (School Shop Assistant)
  • Mrs SMC McDonnell (School Shop Assistant)
  • Mr DG Scheller BSc (Sports Club Manager)
  • Mr F Angulo (Deputy Club Manager)

Estates & Maintenance

  • Miss AA Trail (Estates Bursar)
  • Mr CP Snashall MA (Second Bursar & Safety Officer)
  • Mr JD Sprague (Maintenance Manager)
  • Mr RDJ Tomlin (Site Manager)
  • Ms SM Orr (Estates Secretary)
  • Mr D Canham (Maintenance)
  • Mr M Dawkins (Site General Hand)
  • Mr M Dimon (Gardener)
  • Mr AR Davies (Electrician)
  • Mr A Hardwick (Carpenter/Maintenance Person)
  • Mr J Pennacchini (Gardener)
  • Mr SG Savage (Handyman)
  • Mr M Taylor (Heating Engineer/Maintenance Person)


  • Mr M Pimenta (Head Groundsman)
  • Mr JRM Waller (Deputy Head Groundsman)
  • Mr DJ Meech (Groundsman - WBL)
  • Mr CA Morgan (Groundsman)

Human Resources

  • Ms LM Haydock BA FCIPD (Head of Human Resources)
  • Mrs JMC Motion (Human Resources Administrator)
  • Mrs KL Pearson (Human Resources Administrator)


  • Miss HJ Pugh BA (Librarian)
  • Mrs HI Mavin BSc Econ (Assistant Librarian - Senior School)

Medical staff

  • Mrs SU Besley (School Nurse)
  • Mrs AM McFarlane (School Nurse)
  • Mrs JM Moritz (Sports First Aid)


  • Mr DA Mohamed (Resident Porter)
  • Mr L Bidwell (Evening Porter)
  • Mr D Bond (Porter)
  • Mr W Coles (Evening Porter)
  • Mr K Cook (Gatekeeper)
  • Mr RS Potter (Porter)
  • Mr MA Tew (Caretaker)

Resource centre

  • Ms TJ Cashman (Resources Supervisor - Reprographics)
  • Mr GD Crofts (Resources Supervisor - Design)
  • Ms KA Cooper (Resources Support Technician)
  • Mrs MV Gill (Resources Assistant)

IT services

  • Mr JR Traynor (Head of Computer Services)
  • Mr OWF Knight (Systems Engineer)
  • Miss N Pecher (Helpdesk Manager)
  • Mr PA Toms (Network Administrator and Trainer)


  • Mr C Hull (Catering Manager)
  • Mr LE Da Silva (Deputy Catering Manager)
  • Mr MS Barker (Head Chef)
  • Mrs PL Jaconelli (Chef de partie)
  • Mrs CA Wicks (Chef)
  • Mr JNR Woodward (Sous Chef)
  • Mr S Capece (Commis Chef)
  • Mrs H Alvares (Catering Assistant)
  • Miss B Antwi (Catering Assistant)
  • Mrs S Brookes (Catering Assistant)
  • Mrs SE Burden (Front of House Supervisor)
  • Miss JA Clarke (Catering Assistant)
  • Mrs R De-Silva (Catering Assistant)
  • Mrs E Elston (Catering Assistant)
  • Mrs AJ Hodder (Catering Administrator)
  • Mrs SB Joanes (Catering Assistant)
  • Miss J Kapoor (Catering Assistant)
  • Miss E Kiss (Catering Assistant)
  • Mrs B Larkin (Catering Assistant)
  • Mrs P Ogunsuyi (Catering Assistant)
  • Mr E Osei (Kitchen Porter)
  • Mrs M Phillips (Catering Assistant)
  • Mr R Ramdi (Catering Assistant)
  • Mrs SC Tribe (Catering Assistant)


  • Mr D Safdari (Senior Rowing Coach & Boatman)


King's College School

Southside, Wimbledon Common,

London SW19 4TT

Senior school

Telephone: 020 8255 5300


Absence line: 020 8255 5303

Junior school

Telephone: 020 8255 5335