Junior school

King’s College Junior School is an independent prep school for boys aged 7-13.

Our parents see KCJS as a friendly, professional and well-resourced school providing a strong all-round education that is based on academic excellence. Boys here are bright, inquisitive, busy and engaged and they achieve a great deal but this is not a hot-house. We believe that the boys do well because they are happy and enjoy being at school. The teachers strive to ensure that their lessons are stimulating and encourage the boys to ask questions and think creatively. Art, Design, Music, Drama, Sport, ICT and the wide range of extra-curricular activities which we offer are just as important here as those subjects which are assessed through formal examinations. Together they enable the boys to develop wide ranging interests and to value both their work and their leisure time.

KCJS has wonderful boys and first-rate staff. I consider myself privileged to be headmaster and I hope that you will visit us if you think we might be the right school for your son.

Gerard Silverlock

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Latest Junior School news

14th October 2016
A record number of junior school boys have just received medals for their choir singing exams. Seven boys from the chamber choir have passed, with flying colours, a searching exam which tests their musicianship...
6th October 2016
27 pianists (from both junior and senior schools), as well as three piano teachers will be performing JS Bach’s 24 Preludes and Fugues of Book 1 of the Well-tempered Clavier, as well as six of his Two-part...
6th October 2016
24 boys from both junior and senior schools attended an unforgettable piano recital on Tuesday by the incredible young British pianist, Benjamin Grosvenor, at St John’s Smith Square in central London. In a...
6th October 2016
‘So come on everybody / Join de celebration / All yu need is plenty perspiration / An a little inspiration...’ Poet John Agard’s effervescent effusions kick-started our assembly to mark National Poetry Day...
3rd October 2016
Well done to Tom (3MH) for his incredible 100km cycle on Saturday 24th September. Tom has been raising money for WWF and has so far raised £465 after setting himself a target of £200.  Tom is too young...

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